Early Intervention

Early Intervention
Does your child need Early Intervention? The milestones listed here are intended to help you determine if your child needs assistance.

By 12 months, your child should…
* understand 2-4 familiar words
* use gestures spontaneously
* babble with a variety of consonants and attempt words
* initiate social games such as peek-a-boo
* anticipate an event

By 24 months, your child should…
* Use at least 50 words with some word combinations
* follow simple directions and point to body parts
* combine two short actions in pretend play
* have speech that a listener understands 50% of the time
* creatively initiate solutions to simple problems

By 36 months, your child should…
* communicate in sentences (stuttering is to be expected)
* have speech that a listener understands 75% of the time
* follow 2-3 step directions
* understand basic concepts such as colors and spatial concepts
* add dialogue to characters in pretend play

At Playworks Speech, Language, & Occupational Therapy, we offer evaluations and ongoing therapy in a natural setting. Since a parent is the most important teacher for the young child, therapy is typically done with the parent present. Parent training and strategies for carry-over of new skills are provided on a weekly basis.

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